Easy Steps to the Perfect Foot Massage

Easy Steps to the Perfect Foot Massage


Just about everybody I have ever before met loves having their feet rubbed! In some societies, foot massage therapy is considered medical treatment. In all communities, it is regarded as a fantastic extravagance!

Why does foot massage therapy feel so good? Because different foot areas are connected to other areas of the body, reflexologists think it’s. A reflexology practitioner says they can treat your whole body via a well-provided foot massage.

Here are some easy stages to help you give a fantastic home foot massage therapy:

Step 1. Make sure your “patient” or pal feels comfortable as well as unwinded. Arrange the best chair or bed until they really sit or lie comfortably for at least half an hour.

Step 2. Saturate the feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Feel free to include some tremendous smelling crucial oils for an aroma-therapeutic benefit.

Step 3. Use a lubricating substance. (Note: if your client has delicate skin or favors not to use a lubricant, that’s OKAY. Lube makes the massage less complicated to finish). Utilize the cream, lotion, or oil of your option. Do not apply it directly to the foot. Instead, use it to your hands first and scrub it between your hands to heat the lubricant before positioning your hands onto your patient’s foot.

Easy Steps to the Perfect Foot Massage

Step 4. Next off, work on the sole. As you relocate to the heel and the ball of the foot, more pressure might be required. It would be best if you likewise consisted of the foot’s sides, being mindful as the sides are usually more fragile and sensitive.

Step 5. The following step is to cradle the foot with one hand and use your other hand to apply a stretch as well as flex to your buddy’s foot. Begin at the ankle, then do the ball. You can duplication this 3 or 4 times and alter instructions for a full stretch of the foot.

Now your attention changes to the sole. The arch of the foot must be your focus.

Step 6. Toes! Beginning with the massive toe and functioning in the pinky toe direction, press the toes individually and apply little stroking massage therapy per tow. If your like, you may continuously massage therapy between each toe. You might likewise “snap” or “flick” each toe gently yet briskly between your fingers.

Complete the foot massage therapy by briefly taking another look at the sole with light, circular strokes. Bring your hands out and over to make long strokes along the top and instep of the foot.

That’s it! Indeed, you need to go ahead and massage the second foot. The provider of the massage must enjoy the procedure as high as the receiver. To boost your pleasure, make sure you are kicked back and also well-hydrated. Playing your preferred music behind-the-scenes will also produce an enjoyable experience.

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